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Une lettre pour mes élèves!

Vous êtes les meilleurs ! Mes chers chers élèves ! J’espère que vous vous souvenez de moi? Je suis bien rentrée en Inde, et je pense souvent à vous. Penserez-vous, pourquoi je vous écris cette lettre ? Je vous écris cette lettre parce […]


A Letter to My Kids :-)

That was the first time that your mother stepped out of India. And what a beautiful first time!
She was 25 at that time, and she didn’t have a boy friend. She fell in love with a Radio Jockey once, and then with an engineer. But as they say, not all love stories have a happy ending. Your mother was scared of falling in love,

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Dear Papa and Mumma!

Dear Papa and Mumma, This letter is for you. I know you’re worried about how it is going with me. The initial days of settling in a new country are not always easy, but then that’s how you learn. It’s […]