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English Assistant in France
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When France Happened !

Interview with an Ex-English Assistant in France Quick Snapshot: Ex-English Assistant in France: Divya Singla (founder of LingoRelic Academy) City: Cluses, GrenobleAbout the city (in Divya’s words) : Windy mostly, not snowy. Quite cold and rainy. November experiences a lot […]

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Lesson Plan #1

I apologize for this delay in updating my blog. I have been contemplating my decision of going back to Paris for studies. Well, just an update before I start with the first lesson: I am in Paris to do masters […]

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OFII- the much hyped rendez-vous!

Right from the time, I received my paperwork formality details in India from the French Embassy, the scariest thing was OFII (de l’Office Français d’Immigration et de l’Intégration). Why?– It’s the OFII sticker on your passport that validates your long […]