I apologize for this delay in updating my blog. I have been contemplating my decision of going back to Paris for studies. Well, just an update before I start with the first lesson: I am in Paris to do masters in French Literature. If anyone of you fancies meeting me, let me know. We’ll discuss theatre, do poetry and drink tea.
Anyway, so the first lesson that I had prepared for my first real class was a ‘Finger Puppet: Present yourself’. During the initial introduction classes, my students asked me about my country and I ‘tried’ clarifying their doubts to some extent. It’s always fun exercise to do. Let me clarify one thing here, I did this finger puppet activity with my 6ieme, 3eme and 4eme, and believe me you, it was a great success with all the three age groups.

Making finger puppets is very easy. I referred to this video where this young boy taught me the easiest way to make them using post-its. Yes, you heard it right, post-its.

Please check-out the video:

It’s completely up to you to decide how you wish to proceed with the activity. Either you give the students the liberty to name the puppets the way they want to or you ask them to present themselves using the puppet. One of my groups found it cooler to invent names for the puppets and they found it funnier to say, “I am zozo and I am 100 years old” (and then the entire class burst into laughter and started following the trend). I, ofcourse didn’t mind as long as they were talking in English. 😉

My lovelies kept the puppets always in their pouches and they sometimes used them to talk to me. They told me that they’re going to keep it with them as a souvenir of our first class together.

I fell in love with them the very first day.  J

Please share with me any suggestions you may have or your experiences, the blogs that you find useful.

Happy teaching!