Hello again,

So here I go with another lesson plan and I have named it. ‘Lights will guide you home’ because I love the song and the title!

First things first, it’s an activity that involves giving directions. Feel free to customize it depending upon the level of your students.

Write some instructions on the board.


Turn to your left/Right

Shift to your left/Right

Take a 360 degree turn.

Stop there

Walk straight. Keep Walking.

Fold your hands.

Take baby steps

Bend a little.

Walk slowly.

So on and so forth.

Divide the class in groups of two and tell them to memorize the directions quickly. You may do it with them by indicating to them what left/right/center/stop means using gestures.

Tell them that one person will be the guide. Write the word on the board, since it resembles the French word for it, they’ll immediately understand what it means. Also tell them that one person will be ‘Blind folded’ (it’s a new word for them, explain it using gestures. I don’t use French with my students so I use drawings and gestures).

Keep a score board to give points to the group that completes the activity without. The activity involves successfully going from point A to point B which is basically a zig-zag path without bumping into anything. You may create the path on your own by changing the positions of the chairs and the tables. Keep it simple and safe.

Play it twice so that both students get a chance to play the guide. Appoint someone as a supervisor who would make sure the person walking doesn’t get hurt. In theatre, we call it a trust exercise 😉

And you’ll notice that the game will soon become competitive and you’ll definitive succeed in making the shy ones open-up and talk a bit.

I hope this helps. Let me know your suggestions and feel free to share the activities that you’ve been doing in class.