Here I am, back after a very long silence. I was busy cherishing all the precious moments with my daughter. I am now a mom to a lovely little girl. New mom life was keeping me busy. I am slowly starting to pick up work and other things in between. The reason why I am writing a blog post is because when I was a student, I struggled a lot trying to find student jobs in France or simply online teaching jobs in France.

I remember working with a few training centres in Paris but every time, it was a lot of traveling. I do not regret any bit of what I did back then because that helped me fill-up my CV with some meaningful experiences. Teaching scenario has changed drastically now – especially after COVID. Online teaching jobs are booming and, that’s exactly what I have for you this time. So, I will tell you a bit about the platforms that I have tested so far.

1. Pole emplois

I started with pole emplois. Yes, if you’re looking for a job (online or offline) do check out pole emplois website to see if they have any options available for your profile. The classic search keyword is ‘prof d’anglais’ but you can also look-up for some better paying jobs using the keyword ‘formateur d’anglais’. A formateur is a trainer and they are generally better paid.

2. Amazing Talker

The second website that I tested for online teaching jobs (and I would not recommend it to you) is Amazing Talker. You create your profile, give a demo lesson, and get started. It sounds simple, but it isn’t. There are thousands of tutors like you who are on the platform. There’s an AI match that proposes a ‘suitable’ student to you. Once that happens, you have 3 mins to contact the student. This match can happen anytime (sometimes at 4am in the morning). By the time you check the notification, the student was already contacted by someone else. And all of this – to be able to deliver a demo lesson for 2euros. Give it a try if you like but for me, it was a sheer wase of time.

3. My Venture

Third one is my own online venture. It’s called I am quite happy with the way things are unfolding. I don’t have to look up for online teaching jobs all the time, I have a bunch of clients and it’s going well. You can start teaching online by creating your own website too !!

4. My Favourite one

The fourth option that I am going to talk to you about is an online platform that offers online teaching jobs. This is an online tutoring website. Before you click on the link and create your profile and start getting students. I would request you to mention my name in the ‘how did you get to know about us category’. Why? This will accelerate your file (since you came with a current teacher’s recommendation 😉 And, also because this will help me get a little bonus next month :-).

I will tell you all about this online teaching platform that I have recently discovered. It’s called GoStudent. Click here to go straight on the website. The process is very quick once you mention my recommendation.

You pass a language test, select a time for a group interview, undergo an online training, pass a quiz, and finally attend an information meet. Once this process is done, you’ll be asked to fill-up your availability and depending on your free time, you’ll be assigned your first demo class. It’s fairly simple and quick. Unlike the other platform that I have mentioned, you won’t have to fight to get your students, it’s the GoStudent team that proposes them to you once they know your availability.

How much does GoStudent online teaching job pay?

Go Student pays you about 13 euros/hour. They claim to give you as many students as you’re capable of handling in a day. Each session is 50 mins and you have to prepare your own classes. The interviews are in French, and most students are French (in the French market!). They are present in several other countries and there requirements must be different.

Entrepreneur status

It is important that I speak about the legal freelancer status you require to work with GoStudent. Once you’re hired, the company will guide you through the process to become an auto entrepreneur. Without this legal status, you would not be able to proceed. It is a very simple process and most of it is done online. You then receive your freelancer number (SIRET) and you’re ready to start the activity of your choice. Read-up more about the status and ask me if you still have doubts. I am an auto-entrepreneur too!

Voilà for now! If you finally get on board and become a teacher with GoStudent, do let me know and do share your experience in the comment box. If you have any questions regarding online teaching jobs, do not hesitate to write to me. You can also read up my blog on teaching jobs in france.