Before leaving, you would definitely want to give your parents an idea of what your French adventure looked like, so here it is, the details you need !

You must have heard of ‘Attestation d’accueil‘ or invitation letter issued by the town hall of your area. It costs around 30 euros and requires quite a lot of paperwork. I remember when I wanted to apply for the ‘attestation’, the town hall asked me for my tax declaration papers which I didn’t have, plus they also wanted a rent agreement, and I didn’t have that either because I was on ‘sous-location’. So anyway, it wasn’t the easiest option. I then decided to write an invitation letter myself, explaining that my contract would end soon and hence I would love to invite my parents and show them around. I wrote the letter in French, mentioned a rough itinerary of their trip, and attached a lot of documents along with the application:

✔My passport copy + visa copy + ofii copy.

✔A copy of my work contract (add your student ID details if you’re a student).

✔A copy of my bank account statement

✔A copy of the rent receipt (I had changed the apartment by then, so I had a real contract). In case you do not have a real contract, mention that you’re living with someone, and attach their identity documents as well.

If your parents are non-working, pay special attention. Highlight the fact that they are coming here just for travel purpose and will go back. I know a cases where the visa was denied to non-working parents of a friend because they had a doubt that the couple might stay back illegally. So just write your letter accordingly. Make sure the letter is detailed and that it mentions (has a proof) that your parents WILL GO BACK. THEY EITHER HAVE A BUSINESS OR A WORK OR A HOUSE that awaits them !

✔ Do mention that the expenses would be shared by both the parties or solely by them (whatever the case is, add supporting documents!).

✔A copy of income tax documents of one of your parents. A copy of their bank account statements showing sufficient funds.

✔A cover letter written by them explaining the same reasons that you talked about in your letter, or more if they like.

✔A travel insurance for atleast a month even though the travel is for 10 days. Yes, it’s very important that the travel insurance is an extended one and not from date to date.

✔Short stay visa form and all other documents that are on the checklist provided by Visa authorities.

If your visa gets rejected

It may seem like a lot of paperwork but the more it is explained, lesser the chances of rejection. My brother’s visa got rejected twice, and that’s how I learnt ! 😉

If you have any questions, suggestions, your own experiences with french Visa, etc. Do write back to me here or follow me on Instagram to know more about my French adventures!

Bisous ! ?