Hope you’re all good. This post is for those who wish to earn some extra money during the summer vacations. English assistants would be required to check with their respective academies regarding their ‘droit du travail’ as the visa ‘travailleur temporaire’  has its own restrictions. I have a student status now, and I am entitled to 20 hours of work in a week. 


Last year, I was not as aware of the fact that once you’re in France and have all your paper work in place (i.e already have a student visa), you can apply for English assistants local recrutement campaign. The campaign starts mid-september/debut October.

Go to the website of the academy you wish to work with and look for “recrutment locale” or simply google recrutment locale along with the academy name and you’ll find the contact details of the person in-charge.  Each year a lot of assistants back-out due to different reasons, and that is when the academy starts contacting the assistants available to take up the vacant position.

I am also going to list some websites for you where you can look for ateaching/babysitting jobs for anglophones:


TOUR GUIDE: Why not?
If you have your history lessons handy or if you know your city like the back of your hsnd, spend your free time accompanying english speaking tourists on boats or on bicycles, and get paid on hourly basis.


You may look for tour guide jobs at etudiant.fr.

Private english tutions are always on demand. Create a free account on leboncoin.fr and create an ad regarding the same.

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I always prefer putting email address in my contact because that way I can choose the ones that are really serious about the lessons. (I have had few who called me up to let me know that they are actually looking for a girl-friend). So, Il faut faire attention! 

Cool, n’est ce pas?

Do not hesitate to write back to me in case you have any other questions related to anglophone jobs in France. 

Good luck!