Hope you’re all good. Some of you would soon start working as an English assistant. I am sure you’re super excited about this new adventure and you must be planning to explore europe during this stay too. While the thought of traveling through europe is amazing, you must also think about economising or finding a new job alongside.

Honestly, there are a lot of student jobs available throughout the year that you could apply for. I will quickly give you names of companies I’ve worked with/working/have heard of where you could send your CVs for an additional part time job:

For babysitting you can expect anything in the range of 7 euros to 15 euros. and the work involves picking the children from their schools, taking them to their activities/bringing them back home, serving them lunch, giving them bath (sometimes)and playing with them. You can either contact an agency that’ll connect you to the family or you can simply put up your ads at public places (where it’s allowed to put up ads, ofcourse!)


Some baby sitting agencies:

SPEAKING AGENCY (CITIES IN FRANCE : Paris Lyon Lille Bordeaux Nantes Toulouse)

FAMILY SPHERE (CITIES IN FRANCE: around 104 agencies in France)

Some English Institutes:

THE TURNER LEARNING CENTER: I know that they have a center in Paris. Google for centers in other cities.

ACADOMIA: A lot of centers in France.

Also, check with your respective academy if they have any English language workshops happening during the vacations. If yes, you can apply for the same. This information is generally available on the Academy’s website.


I have worked as an animatrice pour les séjours linguistiques thrice during my stay in France. It’s a wonderful job. You will be accompanying a group of French students to a destination where they will be learning english. You’ll be the point of contact between their parents and the english learning center (because you speak english and french – hurray!). The posts are generally – all expenses paid (travel ticket, food, and accommodation and you get a salary too ). Peak season: summer vacations. Else, you can try your luck during other school vacations as well. Companies I have worked with : NACEL, and LA LIGUE de L’enseignement. Ask our dear friend google for more information, and about more such companies.

From the safety point of view: Yes you’are good to go. 😉 Been there, done that !


Private tutoring is another option, and for that you can create an account on and post an ad.

Job d’Été : This website is full of CDD or seasonal jobs, check this out on a daily basis, you might find something that suits your schedule.

Or simply run a google search for job d’été and you’ll find a lot of options.

If you have any questions, please post them in the comment section. 😉