tips and tricks to teach English in France

About Me

I am an amateur poet, an occasional blogger, an ardent theatre artist, a language lover, and basically a mountain-and-river loving Indian! I am worked as an English assistant for three consecutive years, and now, I love helping others live their teaching abroad experience to the fullest.

Since I consider theatre to be an indispensable part of my life, I would love to connect with people having similar interests.

In my spare time, I meet people, drink tea, read books and write poetry.

I love colors, children, conversations, cultures, customs and costumes.
I love sand, stories, serenity, stupidity, simplicity, and spontaneity.
I love long roads, old streets and car rides.
I love the ones who extend their love for the love of humanity.
I love all things human.

This blog will take you through my journey as an English assistant in France. And more.

If you have any questions/observations/comments/compliments: feel free to drop in your comments.

Whenever you read a post, do leave a comment if possible. I would love to know if you found it helpful.

Happy reading ! 🙂

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