This may not seem like something grand to some. This might be an everyday thing for some others. But my life in France is brighter because of my students.

Students who call me Priyanka.

Students who wish to attend my classes (partly because it’s an easy escape for them from their regular homework pattern and partly because some of them find my classes interesting)

Students who see me at the boulevard and shout my name from a kilometre to ask me if they’d see me tomorrow. (And make a sad face when I say No).

Students who think I don’t speak French and hence communicate their feelings through broken English sentences and gestures, because they want to talk to me.

Students who are sometimes unkind and utterly indisciplined in class and motivate me to come up with a much engaging and better activity for the next class.

Students who assure me that they will keep with them forever, the puppets they made with me, in the first class.

Students who are sometimes, as confused, as happy and as curious to see me as I am to see them.

Students, who make me look forward to my classes with a smile on my face, and not with a frown. 🙂 

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