I was never a super social person (I doubt if such a word exists!).

I have always been someone with some favorite people, food, drinks and places- which I never get bored of. I have always been someone who gets too attached too quickly. I have always been someone who can go and watch films alone. I am someone who prefers mountains and rivers over the chic city life. And somewhere in the middle of it all, I am also someone who loves meeting new people and listening to their life stories.

Because it’s some randomness that keeps your life going!

I recently hosted an ‘Indian Dinner’ at my place. It’s funny how random conversations with people turned into an ‘Indian evening’.

Before coming to France, I exchanged a couple of mails with Jessica (an Italian assistant) and Kim (an English assistant). Ever since I am in France, I have met them quite a few times now— coffee is a great conversation booster, you see. It’s funny how, despite being so different, we end up being all the same— with similar insecurities, similar fears, similar aspirations, and similar uncertainties in life. I love listening to people when they talk about their dreams, their struggles, their countries, and their life in general. It makes me feel an invisible connect with them.

So yes, we’re not the closest of friends but I like their company and we hang out quite often.

The dinner was fun, partly because of the newness all around. I am not very good with cooking, I experimented nonetheless. And, it wasn’t bad. Really!

It was the six of us- me, Jessica, Joseph, Olga, Antonio and his friend.

So there is another interesting story about Joseph and Antonio. Joseph is a theatre artist from Italy who considers theatre to be his life (do I need any other reason to invite him!?) No, but actually that’s how we got on talking and I invited him over for the dinner. Moreover, he loves India and Bollywood (he danced on a Bollywood number for us!)— So it was kind of an easy and effortless connect!

Antonio is also from Italy. (There has been a surprisingly quick connect with Italians. Half of the people I know in France are Italians— including one really kind colleague from my school in Antibes!). So Antonio messaged me through couch surfing asking me if I would be interested in meeting him and his friend in Antibes. And I immediately invited them for the dinner.

And one Sunday evening we dined together, danced madly on Italian and Indian songs, exchanged languages and had wine.

Life is good with a tinge of newness.