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Une lettre pour mes élèves!

Vous êtes les meilleurs ! Mes chers chers élèves ! J’espère que vous vous souvenez de moi? Je suis bien rentrée en Inde, et je pense souvent à vous. Penserez-vous, pourquoi je vous écris cette lettre ? Je vous écris cette lettre parce […]


A Letter to My Kids :-)

That was the first time that your mother stepped out of India. And what a beautiful first time!
She was 25 at that time, and she didn’t have a boy friend. She fell in love with a Radio Jockey once, and then with an engineer. But as they say, not all love stories have a happy ending. Your mother was scared of falling in love,

#Paris Perceptions


I saw him shivering with cold, His hands numb and trembling, His feet barely covered His hazel eyes, unable to conceal stories of his misery. Old age is cruel, And so is Winter! … Paris is so much more than […]

#The Program

OFII- the much hyped rendez-vous!

Right from the time, I received my paperwork formality details in India from the French Embassy, the scariest thing was OFII (de l’Office Français d’Immigration et de l’Intégration). Why?– It’s the OFII sticker on your passport that validates your long […]