It’s been two months and a half since I started learning Salsa. I officially enrolled myself in January.

I started learning SALSA not because it’s classy but because I fell in love with it, the very first day I saw people dancing Salsa at a Bar in Juan les Pins. Ever since, I just wanted to learn, and learn religiously.  I ran an internet search to find a good school. I could have enrolled myself for quick lessons at the Bar itself (there are a lot of Salsa Bars around that teach you the basics and then allow you to join the party) but then my objective was different— I wanted to learn it pretty seriously. And as they say, “where there is a will, there is a way”- I found my way to Ecole Somos Latinos.
Thierito Mambo, our Salsa prof and the founder of the school introduced me to the school dynamics and how the school was different from other dance schools (dance classes too!) in the city. In the beginning, I definitely thought that he was exaggerating because that’s exactly how anyone would present their business. But it was only after 2.5 months of Salsa classes with him that I realized that every word that he said during the introduction class was true to the core.

My first few classes were with the advance level students and I was surprised to see how easily and smoothly I found myself getting into the groove– and all thanks to Cathy, Thierito, and the fellow dancers. Everyone in the group accepted me with such kindness that I never felt like a debutant. Thierito was always kind enough to offer me free classes too. In addition to that, he arranged a pick and drop for me- THIS ONE is a rare thing.

More than anything else, at Ecole Somos Latinos, it’s about learning; and everyone takes it darn seriously. Everyone encourages you, everyone helps you evolve, and everyone contributes to your growth.

To each one of you, who danced with me, and taught me the dynamics of this beautiful dance form- I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I started with a zero; I may not be perfect yet but better than before. This one is for each one of you, who helped me grow.

I have exactly 30 days left on Cote d’azur and I will make the most of it by dancing more and learning more!

Thank you everyone for being so beautiful. Wish you more beauty and more grace, today & always!