And then one day, you meet people who are as confused as you are. People who are as scared about the future as you are. People, who believe in the power of art. People who believe in the power of nothingness. People whose words make you wonder. People who have sacrificed all things glittery for their passions and beliefs. People who have stories, similar to yours; and people whose stories are unthinkable to you.  People whose stories motivate. People whose mere presence rejuvenates. People that fill you with enormous positive energy. You’ll continue meeting people with beliefs, values, and ideologies different than yours but amidst all this, the thing, the most important is that you meet people. There is nothing lovelier than sitting with a bunch of absolute strangers and yet feeling connected.

Art unites!

Enivrez-Vous de Poésie is an attempt at meeting like-minded poets who believe in the enormous potential of art forms.

We meet, we read, we discuss, we create, we re-create.

In case you’re in France and you’d like to join us in this initiative to unite art lovers, connect rightaway at
[email protected]

Here are a few pictures from our poetry initiative, “Enivrez-vous de Poesie”.

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