Details about how to apply for the program.

Dear All, Ever since I got selected for the program, I have got a lot of requests from my friends regarding the program and the process. Some of my students too, wanted to know more about the program and how they can be a part of it.  While there are numerous blogs for the TAPIF (Teaching Assistant Program in France in USA), there are surprisingly no blogs on the program from any Indian English assistant. So here I am, making an attempt to explain you the process along with all the necessary details. First things First:

  • Necessary conditions to participate in the program.
  • You must be an Indian national
  • You must not have participated in this program in the past
  • You must be less than 30 years old at the time of your application.
  • You must hold the IELTS certificate from the British Council with a band of 7.5 and above (with each passing year the program is becoming highly competitive so this band too might get revised with time)
  • You must justify a B1 level of the Alliance Française or a B.A. in French from an Indian University (Although the exact B1 score has not been mentioned in the requirements, it’s always good to have a distinction)
  • As a part of your application submission, you’d be required to draft a 500-words Lettre de motivation too. It’s the most important part of your application, so make sure you do it nicely. It’s basically a Statement of Purpose where you explain– About yourself, your expectations from the program and Why you should be chosen.Here’s how to write a statement of purpose. 

Documents Required: (at the time application submission)

  • I’ve had a tough time with my birth certificate. So make sure you have a birth certificate with your name on it, at the time of application submission. In case you don’t have one, you can apply for the same well on time. In a situation where you applied for the birth certificate but didn’t receive it at the time of your file submission, you can attach an application mentioning your “Birth Certificate Application Number” given to you by your Birth Certificate Issuing authority.
  • It’ll be good to have recommendations from your professors. I asked for recommendations from my college professors pertaining to my work in the field of theatre. It always gives weight to your dossier.
  • You should have your degrees and other certificates in place. Attach the photocopies of everything great that you’ve done along with your application. I had done some French Plays at AF Delhi so I asked the authorities for attestations of my work too.

What to expect from the program

  • As an English Assistant in France you will get to choose between a Primary School or a Secondary School for teaching. You may put your preference on the form but you won’t necessarily bet getting the school of your choice. Same  goes for the city, you’re asked to fill-up your preference in terms of the region in France but the selection is pretty random so don’t rely on that (fill your preference anyway!) 😀
  • As an English Assistant you’d be required to teach 2 hours/day (the coolest thing ever!) for four to five days a week depending upon the working days of your school. As a part of your engagement, you’d be responsible for conducting conversation classes for the students.
  • You get a lot of time to travel around for you’re issued a Free long-stay Schengen Visa. That’s the only thing that the French Embassy in India offers in terms of aide to the participants. The Air-Fare and Accommodation is not sponsored by the Embassy. You might however have a chance to get a free/inexpensive accommodation offered by your school (in case they have one). A lot of assistant that went in the previous years managed to find accommodations at a pretty nominal price.
  • You also stand a chance to enroll yourself for a French course during your stay (this again, is not sponsored but you can do it to improve your French).
  • You can also earn some extra bucks by taking home tutions.

You may visit Campus France (India) Website for more details about the program. Or you may also download this pdf. You may take a look at the Applications here: Application 1  Application 2 Should you have any queries, you may write-back to me with your specific questions. 🙂 Wish you Luck!