Dear Papa and Mumma,

This letter is for you. I know you’re worried about how it is going with me.

The initial days of settling in a new country are not always easy, but then that’s how you learn. It’s a constant learning process, you see!

Sometimes it takes wrong buses to know the right routes. Same happened with me today. I had an orientation session at Académie de Nice. It’s far from my place. However Betty (my colleague at College Roustan who is amazingly helpful—I will make you meet her when you come!) gave me a step-by-step instruction sheet to reach the place, I still couldn’t find everything in one go. But it was reassuring to know that I wasn’t the only one struggling with the routes.

Walking, stopping, looking at the maps, crossing by flat faced people on the road — I finally found the place.

I met a lot of people today- french, spanish, italian, egyptian. There are a lot of others who have left their homes for the very first time. At the lunch table, we did a small exchange in our native languages and it was fun! I taught them few things in hindi, and learnt greetings in their languages. One of the girls told me that it was her dream to visit India one day. Isn’t that lovely to hear? 🙂

I don’t remember everyone’s name but it was a wonderful day.

The day ended with some more confusion with the bus stops. But finally the thing that I learnt today was that the bus ligne 9 goes straight to the place I stay. So every time I get lost, I look for places that might connect me to bus line 9.

So when you come to visit me in December, you know which bus to take!