Hello ! I know you guys have been waiting for this post for long. I promised you that I am going to pull in all important details about getting freebies in france, and will get back to you with details. 


So this dates back to my jobless days in France, when all I used to do was to look-up for ways to save money/find a seasonal job, etc.
I randomly got a pop-up on my screen saying “tenter votre chance pour remporter des échantillons gratuits”. There was this big picture of Sephora make-up kit. I clicked but then the website directed me to multiple other websites. I ended up filling more than 6-7 surveys in no time.
It was irritating, and I closed the window. Five minutes later, the brands I filled up those surveys for ( and their partners, and partners of partners) started sending me promotional emails. I had no idea what I was signing-up for ! (You know now, So you better not repeat this mistake!)

How to go about getting Freebies in France

Disclaimer : I do not work with these websites, and do not get any sort of commission either 😀

  1. Start by making a separate email address. This way you won’t have to worry about the spamming by promotional emails.
  2. Start by checking these websites (daily) : mesechantillions.fr moinsdepenser.fr, echantillionsclub.fr. All you need to do is check these websites, they will redirect you to the freebie links, and most of it would be as simple as filling an online form. Once that is done, wait for a couple of weeks (and sometimes months) to receive your free samples.
  3. Another cool way of earning some extra cash is this mobile application called “BeMyEye” or “Click and Walk”. They give you certain missions that need to be completed by visiting certain places.
    It’s fairly simple. Go to the place (mostly French super markets, general stores or pharmacies) and click pictures as per the requirement of the mission.
    You can earn anything between 2-10 euros per mission. There are a lot of youtube videos talking about such applications. Do check them out to see how it works. 
  4. Last one that I would HIGHLY recommend is YOO. You get to test full size samples and in return, all you have to talk about the product on instagram or facebook. Stuff that I have received so far, you can find it on my instagram profile. But this one is a great deal. So far, I have participated in three campagnes : Carrefour Bio products, Nicky Paris, and Socopa (#BBQfest).

Let me know if you receive anything eventually ! 🙂

Also let me know if you read this post and found it useful.

In case you have any questions, it would be great if you post it here. It will definitely be helpful for others.