Because Hindi is beautiful, indeed

It was yet another lovely day.

Every time I am in school, I am good.

So today, I was surrounded by a bunch of 3e students (equivalent to Indian 9th-10th). They asked me to give them a few words in Hindi. As soon as I said ‘Namastey’, they wanted me to continue talking because they found the language to be ‘jolie’ (pretty). I told them some interesting facts about Hindi language. They were surprised to know that Hindi has 48 alphabets. I also informed them that Hindi has an alphabet for almost every sound that one can think of. ph..फ , ch छ, etc. They were delighted to see me speaking in Hindi.

Immediately after the class I had a long queue of boys and girls waiting for me, and they wanted me to write their names in Hindi on a piece of paper. Soon I realized that boys and girls from other classes were also there, and they requested me to write their names as well. They couldn’t stop admiring their names written in Hindi. You really don’t need big things to be happy!

Their names looked more beautiful in Hindi, indeed.

I love them all, already!