Dear Reader,

So the other day, a fellow assistant who’s going to be in a different region in France started writing her blog. The very name of her blog site made me smile. It’s a beautiful concept. She’s writing the blog in the form of letters dedicated to her niece and nephew. Isn’t that a lovely idea?

As soon as I started reading her posts, it struck me that I too, can draft my blog in the form letters. I am anyway fond of reading and writing letters. It’ll be so much fun. So I altered the header of my blog to: Postcards and Letters. And the credit goesto Shamika 🙂

Remember my blogpost on Yellowed Letters? I will be writing more letters here, on this blog.

So coming back to Shamika’s blog, it’s called letterstomynieceandnephew. You know what the best part about her writing is? It’s the way she tries to teach beautiful things to the little ones through her experiences.

I read it. And I re-read it.

It’s a lovely read, and I am following it.

You too can start following her blog. It’s simple, and she’ll be sharing her wonderful experiences.

Happy Reading! 🙂