I have almost a month left to go. Next month by this time I would be running around fixing the last moment glitches (if any).So for now, I am going to share my packing list with you.

I am going to be in Antibes, near Nice. It’s a small town area in the south of France, with beaches all around.

As for the packing, owing to the moderate weather in Antibes, i won’t be required to stuff my bags with a lot of winter clothing. I am, however going to carry good sundresses, a warm long coat, boots, flats, a pair of heels, etc.Here is an extensive list of what I am carrying for Nice:

Image source:www.essentialtravel.co.uk
Image source:www.essentialtravel.co.uk


Denims, Shorts, skirts(formal as well as a casual one), trousers,shirts, a couple of blazers, one or two typically indian dresses, (i am taking a silk saree and a salwarsuit) comfort lowers, t-shirts, nightdress, stockings, scarves, undergarments, a swim suit.

Winter: A long coat, a short jacket, a windproof fleece (regions like Paris are really cold in winters), warm gloves, warm socks, warm innerwear, mufflers (i love them so i will be carrying quite a lot of these), a mountain cap (if you happen to indulge in mountain trekking), a hat.

Footwear: a pair of slippers, a crocs sandals (i am going to use these with my denims as well as my formal trousers), a pair of nice heels( although I don’t wear any, keeping one still), a pair of gladiators. (i am not carrying any trekking/sports shoes) a pair of sturdy sandals would do!

Essentials: If you wish to travel a lot and that too in budget, make sure you have a good sleeping bag with you. Weather conditions in France could vary from region to region so a Sleeping Bag is a must.

Do carry your essential medicines with you. In fact, carry a proper first-aid box. Must carry small shampoo sachets, toothpaste, tooth brush, microwave friendly bowls, glasses and containers. Extra towels, hankerchiefs, Sanatry pads, waxing strips, tweezers, jewelry box,

For teaching purpose: Dictionary, Books, plain white sheets, ruled sheets, transparent folders, document holder bags, plan A4 size sheets, pens, colors, high-lighters, thumb pins, maps of your country, audios/videos of important places in your country, videos/pictures of your Food, costumes, festivals, word-games, memory games, songs, news cuttings, magazine cuttings, etc.

I will keep updating this section. In the meanwhile, if you have any suggestions, do add them in he comment section or just write to me.