This is one of the tasks that you have to perform religiously, that too well before time. I accept that I didn’t take it seriously. That’s the reason why I landed up in wait-list. You have to keep certain things in mind while writing your Statement of Purpose for the “assistant d’anglais”. It is all the more tricky because you will be required to write it in French. 

  • Focus: So the three things that you should focus on are: Who are you (first paragraph), what makes you different (second paragraph), what do you expect from the program (third paragraph).
  • Structure: Start by creating a structure for the SOP: Your Introduction which includes, age, nationality, education, interests. The para that follows can have a few justifications for the choices you made in terms of education, and other interests. Try connecting your choices with ‘education’ and your ‘interest in teaching’. You can never know what they might be looking for in your SoP but connecting everything to the program will always help. The third paragraph should cater to “why France? Why this program?
  • Review: Make a rough draft, read it to your friends. It’s not allowed to get it corrected from you French teachers but you can always ask for suggestions. But make sure, it reflects your level. Pay attention to tenses.
  • Word-limit: Don’t make it too long. The word limit is 500 words so try to limit yourself to it. Remember, they will get hundreds and thousands of applications from around India so if you make it too long, it’ll only bore them and lower your selection chances. Keep it short and to-the-point. Serve them exactly what they’re looking for.
  • Fonts: The application does not have a font size or font style mentioned on it but it’s always recommended to keep it formal and legible. I prefer Georgia, 14pts or Arial Black 14pts.
  • Don’t sound arrogant: Don’t write your achievements as if you’re the best. Stay humble and modest. Let them judge your worth.

You may go through my SoP that I wrote for the Program Here. Don’t copy-paste it has a lot of errors. And most importantly, it’s me and not you 🙂 I understand that while writing a Statement of Purpose you might feel a little clueless as to how you should give it a start, this will help you get on the writing mode!

Should you have any specific queries, do write back to me.
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